Panel Fit CTEK Connector

Panel Fit CTEK Connector

Ref: PF1

The CTEK Comfort Indicator provides a simple and convenient way to check on a battery’s condition and gives warning when the battery needs charging.

Three LED indicators show the battery’s voltage - green over 12.7V, orange between 12.7V and 12.4V, red below 12.4V - and, if necessary, a CTEK charger can be quickly connected to the Comfort Indicator itself.

This model is designed for permanent installation into a suitable panel in a vehicle or a boat. If the battery does need charging, a CTEK charger can then be connected easily and quickly to the unit.
There is no need to disconnect the battery before charging with a CTEK charger.

? For use with 800, 3600 & 7000 models only
? Maximum Current: 10A
? Temperature range: -20°C - +50°C
? Back Current Drain: (1.5mA)
? Fuse: 15A blade type
? Cable length: 550mm