Direct to Head

Direct to Head

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The AT Power Throttle Body incorporates a patented design matching the outright performance of a roller barrel Throttle Body while independent tests have shown >7% more airflow than a conventional butterfly Throttle Body. Mid range performance is significantly increased due the velocity of the same volume of air passing through a smaller orifice.

Each Throttle Body is made from highly attractive billet machined aluminium housings. The Throttle Body assembly includes stainless steel linkages (furnace brazed). It is fully assembled and ready to bolt straight to the engine. The Throttle Body is factory balanced and calibrated to a set idle condition.

This Duratec 42mm Throttle Body is to be used in applications where a conventional 45mm Throttle Body would be used. This is a direct mounting to the cylinder head so no additional manifold is required. With the throttle blade very close to the inlet valve the engine response is lightening quick. 38mm version available on request.

The 42mm system with tapered extensions made 272bhp on a 2.0 Duratec at Scholar Race Engines. Nearly 10-bhp more than a 45mm competitors system.