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TR7 Headlamp Motor Conversion

TR7/8 Hradlamp Motor Conversion

TR7/8 Hradlamp Motor Conversion


TR7 & 8 Headlamp motor swap using MX5 motors. We modify the bracket and rewire the Mazda motor so that ir works correctly and plugs straight into the Triumph Electrics.
We source good quality used MX5 motors (new are still available but expensive) mount them into the TR headlamp frame and change the wires to TR.
We use standard TR plugs from exchange motors so all the electrics plug straight into the car.
No more unreliable headlamps and the ability to flash as the motors move fast enough.
We require your headlamp frames and motors in exchange and the price includes a £30 surcharge, actual price of the conversion is £150.00

Price: 180.00